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Sports Massage Leeds, Yorkshire | Sally Barker | SB Sports Massage
Sports Massage Leeds, Yorkshire | Sally Barker | SB Sports Massage

Sally Barker BSc(Hons) UCAPD
Sports Massage Practitioner & Biomechanics Trainer

Phone: 07742 010 054   e: sally@sb-massage.co.uk
a: Suite 8, Regent House, 15 Hawthorn Road, Leeds. LS7 4PH
Relax and invigorate with a sports massage

Sports Massage & Biomechanical Analysis Leeds, Yorkshire - SB Sports Massage

Are you looking for something that eases muscle aches, pain, tension and injury? Are you troubled with a painful niggle that keeps coming back? You have come to the right place.

SB Sports Massage is based at Regent House LS7, in the centre of Chapel Allerton, above the Sukhothai restaurant and provides professional massage and biomechanical analysis to clients in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Are you an active sportsperson?

I work with recreational athletes of all ages and abilities who compete in a variety of sports and who require treatment for sports-specific injuries caused by overtraining, biomechanical dysfunction or inefficient recovery. If you are just about to compete in an event, deep tissue massage will help prepare your body for training and competition. After an event, when your body feels tired and sore, deep tissue massage will improve your range of movement and ensure your body recovers quickly.

And what if you are not an active sportsperson?

Of course, Sports Massage can work for you too. Do you sit at and lean over a desk all day? Have you been lifting heavy objects and feel the strain? I work with a wide range of individuals who suffer with back, neck and shoulder tension often caused by poor posture. I can provide deep tissue massage to treat tension, stress and pain and re-energise exhausted bodies.

Every body benefits from Sports Massage, not just an active body

So with a biomechanical analysis to assess the body’s symmetry and movement and establish the cause of pain and a deep tissue massage to treat the symptoms of pain I will be able to offer you a treatment to suit your needs. Each session will promote a healthy lifestyle by improving the alignment of the body and ensuring that you move more freely.

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Sports Massage

Sports Massage