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For Every body

not just an active body

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What Our Clients Say

I will definitely be recommending her in the future.

Natalie Green, Leeds

Working with Sally is essential to my training and recovery.

Lisa Aitken, Harrogate

Regular massage treatment from Sally has been one of the best investments I've ever made.

Elizabeth, Leeds

regular massage will help me train more effectively and improve performance.

Aitken, Professional Squash Player

Sally offers a friendly professional service and always shows a great enthusiasm for her work.

M.S, Dentist

After only two sessions the stiffness, tension and pain in my lower back subsided considerably.

Richard Hayden, Director

Monthly sessions have been just as important in keeping my legs feeling fresh.

Paul Holloway, IT Professional

The only down side to the treatment for me is that the time goes very quickly.

Ann Gibbs, Leeds

The massages have been excellent in relieving this tension, leaving me feeling much more energised.

Mike Emery, IT Professional

I believe the wealth of expertise and knowledge that Sally has would benefit a lot of people.

William Webster, Security Advisor

The results of regular post-match massages have been invaluable.

Samantha Warrington, Teacher of PE

Sally has seen a number of my clients who have always come back to me with nothing but praise.

Natalie Green, Fitness Coach and Pilates Specialist

I have been singing the praises of SB Sports Massage to lots of people.

S.C., Physical Activity Advisor

After the first session I noticed a considerable reduction in the pain I was experiencing.

Rachel, Roundhay


Latest News

The Business Expands into Lancashire.

Massage Support at the 2015 Harewood House 10k



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Welcome to SB Sports Massage

Looking to ease muscle aches, pain and tension? Do you have a twinge or injury that just isn’t going away? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. SB Sports Massage has two clinics, one at Regent House, Leeds LS7 above the Sukhothai restaurant in the centre of Chapel Allerton and the other in Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 close to Chorley Hospital. We provide professional massage and biomechanical analysis to clients in and around both of these locations. 

Every body benefits from Sports Massage, not just an active body.

Are you an active sportsperson? We work with recreational athletes of all ages and abilities who compete in a variety of sports and who require treatment for sports-specific injuries caused by overtraining, biomechanical dysfunction or inefficient recovery. If you are about to compete in an event, deep tissue massage will help prepare your body for training and competition. After an event, when your body feels tired, stiff and sore, deep tissue massage will improve your range of movement and ensure your body recovers as quickly as possible.

And if you are not an active sports person? of course, Sports Massage can work for you too. If, like thousands of others you sit at a desk all day, you could be more susceptible to tension in your back and neck. If you have a manual job and have been lifting heavy objects and feeling the strain we can help ease your pain. We work with a wide range of individuals who suffer with back, neck and shoulder tension often caused by poor posture.